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Creativity is one of our most prominent features. We always try to support your creativity with our services. No more cable limitations, no more jibs’ length limitations and next to no space limitations. With our drones (UAVs) we can shoot from any position and with the freedom granted by the sky there are unlimited options on how to move the camera. Our services, providing drones for aerial filming, represent a stunning tool for any production.

With our drones we can fly where no one else can. Our close range flying camera system can also fly through narrow areas such as city streets or natural obstructions at low or high altitudes. We can operate where a real helicopter cannot access safely. BeeAerial can also fly closer to subjects and perform shots too dangerous for a full size aircraft. It’s a great alternative to SpiderCam or a Jib with a fast set up.

Bee Aerial’s team has a wide range of experience of shooting feature films, commercials, television programmes and documentary footage. We have also filmed corporate events and weddings across Europe, and carry equipment to capture VR footage and to conduct building inspections and surveys. Our clients have included the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, RAI, Samsung, Lamborghini, BMW, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Unilever, Sony, Yell, Special Edition Films, Silverfish Media, the Barbados Tourism Authority, British Airways, Ray-Ban, Elegant Hotels Barbados, Altman Real Estate, Cordoba Internacional TV,, Trees For Cities, the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation, Stella Artois and Hodinkee.

We operate internationally and have shot at locations including Wembley Stadium, the Wimbledon All England Lawn Tennis Club and St Andrews Links, covering everything from Pompeii to Palestine.

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