REEL Aerial Filming and Photography with Drones

Bee Aerial is one of the premier aerial filming companies in the UK offering aerial photography and cinematography drone services at reasonable prices. We are passionate about providing the highest quality aerial video and photography services to our clients in the UK and worldwide. We have been flying and filming in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, USA, Palestine, Israel, North Africa and Barbados.

Focusing Your Aerial Video Needs!

Our services are tailored to the unique needs of the individual clients. Working closely with you, we obtain the maximum impact with stunning aerial imagery for your production: documentary films, commercials, property marketing, wedding, sporting events surfing, golf… the possibilities are endless. Our team at Bee Aerial prides itself on delivering personal professional service. We are efficient, skilled, and reliable.


We operate internationally and have shot at locations including Wembley Stadium, the Wimbledon All England Lawn Tennis Club and St Andrews Links, covering everything from Pompeii to Palestine.

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