Amimon Connex (FullHD Downlink)

Amimon Connex (FullHD Downlink)

It’s a zero latency Full HD video downlink. It allow us to get a crystal clear image with a range up to 1Km.

It’s the ultimate solution for Aerial Cinematography: amazing image quality and range, it can be used to feed any video village and monitor.

From our experience is even better than the Teradek Bolt 2000: the signal doesn’t encapsulate any metadata with a resultant superior range and signal stability.

Amimon Connex – Full HD video downlink

Whereas traditional 5.8G analog systems limit you to SD resolution, with the CONNEX Wireless HD Video Link for UAVs from Amimon , you will be able to view a live, near-zero latency, feed from a UAV-mounted camera at up to 1080p60 resolution. Suitable for monitoring, FPV, and gimbal operation, the system features a range of up to 3300′ line-of-sight (depending on conditions). It incorporates an S.BUS relay so that gimbal controls for S.BUS-compatible gimbals can be relayed to back to the aircraft (gimbal remote available separately), and can display OSD data from MAVLINK telemetry modules. The video transmission in encrypted to help prevent eavesdropping. The transmitter can link to up to four receivers, for example allowing the pilot and camera operator to each have their own monitor or FPV goggles.

Virtually no Latency

Featuring less than 1 ms of latency, the CONNEX does not buffer or hold your video, so that you can see and control what’s happening live. Use CONNEX video to help you fly, aim the camera, or operate the gimbal

Full HD Resolution

Unlike analog systems, which limit you to SD resolution, the digital CONNEXT system provides support for up to 1080p60.

Encrypted Transmission

CONNEX employs AES128 for the video encryption and RSA1024 for key exchange to help ensure no one unauthorized is able to intercept your video feed

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