MoVI M10 with Operator

MoVI M10 with Operator

Digital 3-Axis Gyro-Stabilized Handheld Camera Stabilizer
The MōVI M10 redefined what is possible in handheld camera movement. A hand-crafted stabilizer designed 100% from the ground up to empower a new era of stabilized cinematography focused on freedom of movement and creativity. Compatible with cameras ranging from the Canon 5D to a RED Epic, the M10 is suited for productions of all scales.


  • Majestic Mode
  • Dual Operator Mode
  • Inverted mode for more comfortable eye level camera angle
  • Ultra Lightweight Construction
  • Fast and Simple Setup


  • Weight: 3.9lb / 1.8kg
  • Camera cage dimensions: 140mm(L) x 200mm(W) x 200mm(H)
  • Maximum payload: 12lb / 5.44kg with compatible camera / lens combinations

Movi M10 with operator for hire in London UK