Drone FAQ

Using Drones for Aerial Filming and Photography

  • Do you rent out just the drone?

No, we only offer the full service, it comes with a pilot and a camera operator.

  • Can you fly in rain?


  • How does wind affect the drone?

Wind above 10mph makes it difficult to have steady shots.

  • What cameras can it take?

Actually we use a Panasonic GH4 with an Olympus 12mm f2.0 ZUIKO that provide great 4K / HD images with a stunning bitrate of 200Mb/s.  Still pictures at 16.1 Megapixels RAW. The other option is a GoPro Hero4 Black Edition, up to 4K. But if you have different needs, we will be pleased to discuss them with you.

  • Can you see what you are shooting?

Yes, there is a wireless video transmission from the helicopter.

  • Is there a flying time limit?

With one battery we can fly about 5 – 10 minutes depending of the weather. Changing the battery takes about 2 minutes.

  • How much does it cost to buy such a drone?

We do not sell the RC helicopters so we cannot comment on the price however we feel the need to inform you that to be able to use it for video recording purposes, it takes lots of customizing and literally years of practice! It is important to understand that in the wrong hands Drones can be extremely dangerous.

  • Can you fly on top of people?

Safety goes first. We never fly on top of audience or crowd who are not well briefed and trained. However it is usually rather easy to arrange a clear path of flight during mass audience events, in order to create the feeling of being close or on top of the crowd.

  • Are Drones a safe technology in general?

We follow strict safety procedures to ensure maximum safety on set, but in the wrong hands or unsuitable environment a Drone can be very dangerous. And there is always a small chance of mechanical or electric failure. That is why we fly only when all safety and security measures are observed. If we feel it’s unsafe to fly, we don’t.

  • Can you fly inside?

In a large enough space, yes.

  • How close can you fly to subjects?

We can operate safely about 10 feet of an actor or a subject in an optimal location and wind conditions.

  • What is the maximum operating distance for the drone?

The pilot has to be able to see the drone at all times. Normally, the maximum radius is about 500m from the pilot. We can also pilot from a moving vehicle to extend its range. The radio range for the controls is more than 2km.

  • Can we use our own camera?

Yes, we can fly with most small sized cameras; it just takes a bit of preparation. However, the camera that we are offering is the best option for this kind of helicopter based on our experience. It provides smooth full HD images at 50fps.

  • Can you control the camera from the ground?

Yes, we can remote control the pan and tilt.

  • Can the wireless video from the helicopter be used for live broadcast?

Yes, we can provide fullHD video donwlink with almost 0 latency. HDMI and SDI output.

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