Custom FPV Drones

Custom FPV Drones

HIRE DJI FPV Drone with CAA Qualified Operator

We offer a wide range of custom built FPV drons, able to lift from a small stripped down GoPro, all the way up to a RED Komodo or similar. Some of our drones comes with completely enclosed/ducted propellers. Those are safe to be flown close to people and objects.


Designed by Andy Shen, the Shendrones Thicc is a 7” unducted Octocopter, capable of carrying cinema pro grade equipment, like Red Komodo, Panasonic BGH1, and Black Magic Pocket Cinema cameras. Can be used in the latest blockbuster movies, this Octocopter is flown in full Manual (Acro) mode, and will be able to fly acrobatic moves like flips and rolls. It can reach a speed of 99mph.


Designed by Andy Shen, just like the Shendrones Thicc, the Insider is capable of carrying up to 2kg of payload, which includes Red Komodo, BPCC, and BGH1. It is a ducted quadcopter built to fly cinema pro grade equipment where the Thicc might not be suitable. The Insider will therefore be able to fly indoors, close to people, and easily catched in mid-flight for some creative manoeuvres.


5” Quadcopters are the standard for aerial stunts. Carrying the latest and greatest 4K Go-Pro, these small, but powerful machines can reach well over 99mph. Being used by brands like Apple for their latest commercials, you might already have seen their footage in movies and AD’s. Flown in full manual (ACRO) mode, they allow the pilot to dive buildings, fly over mountains, follow parachutes, or even chase racing cars down a drifting track.


The Hydrophobe is another of Andy Shen’s incredible designs. Created to dive down waterfalls, surf mountain clouds and fly through snowy paths. This water resistant drone allows you to create some stunning shots. Whether it is filming a car promo in the rain or capturing some unreachable landscapes, this is the ultimate tool for the job.

< 250 GR

Home FPV Micron and Hurricane’s designs are designed to comply with the latest drone regulations published by the CAA. They can fly closer to people to create stunning shots, which might include flying indoors, through an actor’s legs, or even dive down buildings in the city centre.

If you would be interested in hiring the an FPV Drone  for a shoot, please email us at or call on +44 (0) 333 772 0728.

HIRE FPV Drone with Operator in the UK, London