Shotover F1

Shotover F1

HIRE Shotover F1

The SHOTOVER F1 is the latest in the new class of medium-sized stabilized platforms. Delivering all of the leading performance and stability of the K1 system, the F1 is a substantially smaller system that is therefore lighter and has a quicker installation time. The F1 is perfect for productions that may not need every lens and camera combination but still demand the best performance available.

The SHOTOVER F1 is a 6-axis gyro stabilized platform that delivers unshakable stability with look down capability for use inverted, or right side up—on almost anything that moves. It rigs fast and accommodates over 150 camera and lens combinations, for the look you want. Its compact carbon fiber construction means it ships as excess baggage on commercial flights worldwide with no export restrictions.

We can transport the entire system as excess baggage, making it perfect for quick turnarounds and remote locations.

We operate worldwide. We can provide aerial filming service with Shotover F1 in Spain, England UK, France, Italy, Caribbean Islands, Australia, Cuba, Argentina, Peru, Mexico and many more.  Up to 8K (2K, 4K, 6K)


F1 System Features

  • Quickly and easily interchange multiple cameras and lenses
  • Compact size and weight allows affordable transport as freight or excess baggage
  • No ITAR restrictions or EAR licensing requirements
  • Compatible with most FAA and EASA approved aircraft mounts
  • Various top plate options are available to easily allow mounting on various platforms- land, sea and air
  • Easily integrated onto a wide variety of mounting platforms
  • 6-axis gyro stabilized with look down capability
  • Windowless operation option for brilliant imagery without reflections
  • Fiber optic video data transfer for clean 3GHz imagery
  • State of the art electronics and design techniques deliver unshakable stability and ultimate functionality
  • Customizable graphics overlay for real time operator feedback
  • Auto or Steerable horizon with the most advanced steering capabilities on the market
  • Inverted operation using auto-position detectors
  • Remote controlled polarized filter rotation, rain deflector and other accessories available

Camera and Lens Configurations

The Shotover F1 is compatible with a wide range of cameras and lenses.

Cameras: ARRI Alexa Mini, ARRI Alexa M, RED Dragon Weapon Epic, Canon C500, Sony F55, Phantom Flex 4K…

Lenses: Canon 30-300mm, Angenieux HR 25-250mm, Arri/Fujinon Alura 45-250, Angenieux 30-72 ANAMORPHIC, Angenieux Optimo 28-76mm, Angenieux DP 25-250mm and many more.

Hire Shotover F1 for Helicopter Aerial Filming in London UK. Aerial Filming in 8K