ARRI Alexa Mini – The definitive camera for drone aerial cinematography

ARRI Alexa Mini - The definitive camera for drone aerial cinematography

The new ARRI Alexa Mini is a small compact, carbon body lightweight camera, perfect for shooting in tight spaces, underwater and even in the air. There are small differences between other compact cameras like this Mini but from what we have seen, this camera is one to buy. Yours for £40,000 [on average].

It can produce 200fps with a 4:3 sensor plus in-camera grading, perfect if you don’t want to do a lot of post-production work. The Mini is easy to transport whether it be in you backpack or a carry-on suitcase, you can travel with ease, anywhere in the world.

Like with any product you can use it with the Alexa shooting kit and can interchange the PL, B4 and EF lenses. You can use your IOS/Android devices to remote control the camera (without downloading an app), you could use the new ARRI MVF-1 multi viewfinder instead of the onboard monitor. They also added built in Wi-Fi, so this camera is perfect for any location.

There are lots of facts and statistics we could keep telling you, but there are by far too many features to this incredible new ARRI Alexa.

Everyone knows we love the latest drones, but how does the Mini work with the DJI Matrice 600? We tested it out and here is what we have to say:

Drones have become the must have item if you are a filmmaker, and with the Mini making headlines we had to test it out and boy does it fly (excuse the pun). The fact that the Mini is lightweight in itself is a great thing, it enabled the drone to fly like it normally would with a DSLR (depending on what lens you put on it). We were surprised with the quality, we thought there is no way you don’t have to grade the film once in post, but you know what? It wasn’t too bad, yes you might want to tweak one or two things but we found nothing else wrong with it in post.

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