The revolution of FPV drones in the Cinematography world

The revolution of FPV drones in the Cinematography world

FPV is first person view piloting technology, a small camera is attached on a drone which also transmits a video stream to the goggles that the pilot wears to see through the drone as if you were the drone yourself.

So, what are the benefits of using a FPV Drone? Well, the most important thing is that it’s a small affordable drone that can have limitless aerial perspectives. This is already a huge advantage as the possibilities are endless and has been shown in the past to be able to achieve an amazing visual experience when capturing new vantage points. For example, the unreal One take drone video of a Minnesota bowling alley that took the internet by storm is a huge example of what a drone could achieve in the cinematography industry. (1)  The gap of possibilities allows for unique moments to be captured. That is important in the film industry alone. 

Furthermore, the Drone pilot that made that same video caught a lot of attention and that includes a big name like James Gunn who even considered recruiting that same team to help shoot in London for the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. (5)

Another reason FPV is favoured is because of the speed that it can achieve. According to the FAA the legal speed limit is 100mph (2). That gives FPV drones the ability to be able to track or follow objects & vehicles running at high speeds. That gives action movies an edge when filming. 

Drones are also safe to use especially as technology is progressing new drones have been built with advanced safety features that allow for a stable and safe use. So rest assured. 

They are also on demand because they are more convenient than land-based equipment such as cranes which are traditio

nal and limited when it comes to finding new perspectives. Traditional equipment doesn’t allow for new vantage points which drones are able to achieve with the right pilot. 

Since digital technology has improved drastically in the past few years the practice to use FPV drones in the Cinematography world has been increasing and has become a new norm. 

Some directors have already considered the fact that it’s necessary to own a FPV drone in your arsenal so that you’re ready for anything. That means even if it’s a rainy day you still have your drone in your truck ready to capture anything that won’t be a missed opportunity.  

Because according to the ASC article (3) about “eyes in the sky” Miranda, an Academy award winning cinematographer said, “If I had a drone in my truck, I could have gotten the shot so easily” When that same incident impacted him. So, because he didn’t have a drone with him because of the rain, there was a lost opportunity which made him realise the importance of keeping a FPV drone always handy, (in a truck). 


Films & FPV drones

FPV drones have already been used in big hit films such as Red Notice. The Y.M. Cinema Magazine (4) revealed that Red Notice had “8 drone pilots and operators which indicates that the aerial action shots of the film are based on drones”. Proving that they are becoming more useful as technology and drones advance, they can be more convenient for digital filming. 

Drones have been evolving over the past few years. For example, recently developed FPV drones have been able to lift a RED Komodo camera which was the main camera that was used to film Red Notice. The ability to carry better cameras is now making FPV drones a solid option for any production, of any scale. 

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