Drones Ready to Shape the Future, The Ehang 184

Drones Ready to Shape the Future, The Ehang 184

Chinese startup company Ehang have unveiled the Ehang 184 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle. A drone containing one seat with the capability of carrying a person weighing up to 220 lbs. It is being dubbed ‘the safest, ECO friendliest and smartest low altitude autonomous aerial vehicle.’ The Ehang 184 is capable of fully automated flight, with vehicle operation being as simple as drawing a flight path to a nearby target. Using a tablet, a simple tap of the launch button from the app starts up the drone and sends it on it’s way. A prototype has already been developed and as far as we know the drone gathers speeds of 100km/h, it has four arms and eight propellers that offers great lifting power and safety. With all we know so far, this is sure to completely change the future of drones and aerial vehicles.

Ehang 184 drone innovationTo keep up to date with the latest developments on the Ehang 184, then please follow the website for more information

Please also feel free to take a look at this video demonstrating the Ehang 184 and what it will entail in the future




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