DJI Matrice 600: The Go-To Drone for Hollywood Cinematographers

DJI Matrice 600: The Go-To Drone for Hollywood Cinematographers

Labelled the “go-to drone for Hollywood cinematographers”, the DJI Matrice 600 is definitively the best drone for aerial cinematography ever designed.

With a maximum payload of 6 kg, the heavy lifter comes with unparalleled camera and gimbal cross-compatibility and can carry a RED Weapon or Alexa Mini.

DJI’s ‘Introducing the Matrice 600’ shows the hexacopter in action

It also flies absolutely effortlessly. While carrying a heavy payload, the drone can stay in the air for a considerable period of time, flying for 18 minutes when carrying a camera (or up to 40 minutes without a payload). Meanwhile, the HD LightBridge 2 video downlink allows the operator to stream 1080p video at 60 frames per second at a phenomenal range of 5km. You may need that given that the hexacopter can fly at speeds of 18 m/s or climb at 5 m/s (reaching the UK maximum legal height for drone flight within half a minute). Furthermore, the drone’s smart propulsion systems and cooled motors make it easier to maintain, while handling lengthy shoots with ease.

The Matrice 600 comes with an advanced battery system, incorporating internal redundancy, to significantly boost safety – if one of the drone’s six batteries fail it automatically shifts the power supply while keeping the unit in the air.

The hexacopter is also extremely flexible to handle: it can be set up in minutes and the IATO-compliant battery design means that the drone can be taken aboard airplanes, making it ideal for travel anywhere in the world.

Bee Aerial is proud to announce that it is the first company in the UK to offer the DJI Matrice 600, reinforcing our commitment to provide the best and latest technology in aerial cinematography. If you would be interested in using the Matrice 600 for a shoot, please email us at or call on +44 (0) 333 772 0728.

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