Nokia OZO- “Expertly created. Intelligently designed. Purpose built”

Nokia OZO- “Expertly created. Intelligently designed. Purpose built”

The Nokia OZO is £45,000 [on average] and is the worlds very first professional virtual reality camera, and there is so much to talk about. From what we have seen it looks amazing, this camera can shoot 30 fps, hold up to 500GB of storage (45 mins of footage) and you can even have your footage in 3D. This isn’t a camera that you would buy as a regular consumer this is a full on filmmakers camera.

If it’s good enough for Disney, we’ll take it. This camera was used to shoot scenes for Disney’s latest release ‘Pete’s dragon’, starring Oakes Fegley. The films looks to be a great hit this month, with fantastic reviews all around. The OZO is the perfect camera to use with drones and helicopters alike, as it has an aluminium body meaning it doesn’t over-heat, it also makes it a great camera to use in different climates around the world.

One of the main feature is the ability to stitch even objects very close to the camera. And very close means even 20cm, which is a dream compared to any other VR camera array. The native stereoscopic support works beautifully. The only downside is the sensor, we were expecting something better from a camera of this price range: the latitude is more similar to an action cam rather than a cinema camera. Also the colour reproduction is not great and there is a lot to improve in low light conditions. Hey, the live VR streaming capability is great though! Stitching almost in real time!

One thing that stands out to us is how much Nokia have put into making this a really high-end professional VR camera. Nokia have created OZO software, an OZO player SDK app, and enabled cinematographers around the world to live stream their content. You can also preview the footage live, which is perfect for directors, DOPs’ and producers. It is no wonder why Nokia plan to expand the OZO into China’s market, creating a partnership with LeVR, this will create more professional content producers, making it easier and more accessible for people to tell a story through virtual reality in the near future.

We already tested the OZO on our drones and dollies and it works great!


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