Invictus Award

  • Fight Gravity Films

Paul the Director of ‘Fight Gravity Films’ was working on a promo for the Invictus Award 2015 and asked us to jump onboard to provide some stunning aerial footage.

We filmed Ben who just took part in the Invictus Awards competition which pits 10 athletes from around the world against each other. The show is a web reality TV series which shows later this year.

The film last year was to help viewers warm to the boxer so that they would vote for him (the prize for the Invictus Awards is £50k to a charity of your choice.) This time around we have to create a video for the decathlete which also enables people watching the show, to like him more and therefore vote for him.

We filmed at Lee Valley Athletics Centre using a Phantom 2 with the GoPro 4 due to some budget restrictions, but we were able to get some great footage of Ben even with the restrictions.

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