Isle of Wight

Our client Yell (Yellow Pages) required some iconic shots of the beautiful landscapes of the Isle of Wight, for a promotional video of one of his customers based on the island. ‘Capturing some amazing aerial shots of the Island, to showcase the beauty of this incredible tale of land.’ This was the request given to us.

We travelled to the Isle of Wight at the start of September and it was the first time that we were visiting the island. The good weather was a must and when the ferry arrived, we were delighted to discover that summer was still very much with us! The sun was shining and revealed the unbeatable beauty of this land.

While travelling around the Island, we tried to give a glimpse of those magnificent landscapes, but it became incredibly hard to select the best locations. Everything we saw was more than good enough to use, such things as the astonishing beaches and coast line along with the lovely looking farms.

After a quick break to recharge our and the drones batteries, we then focussed on the ferry, waiting for the right moment to capture it entering the port. The filming of the Ferry marked what was an incredible day out in the Isle of Wight. What made it better was the magical sunset, which was a dream shot of every cinematographer.

As a drone hire service we provided a Phantom 2 equipped to a GoPro 4. We filmed entirely in 4K.

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