The Lost Songs of St Kilda

Video Promo for the new single by Trevor Morrison, Soay, from the album “The Lost Songs of St Kilda”. Produced by Dacca Records, a label part of the Universal Music group.

Nearly a century ago, the last 36 residents were evacuated from the most remote part of the British Isles, St Kilda, an isolated archipelago off the beautiful and rugged western coast of Scotland.
After 86 years, the music of St Kilda has been discovered, recorded in a Scottish care home by Trevor Morrison, an elderly man who was taught piano by an inhabitant of St Kilda. Heard by the outside world for the first time these haunting melodies offer a last link to the so-called ‘island on the edge of the world’.

We shot all the aerial footage using and Inspire 1.

Here a small BTS