Ken Chu Music Video

  • Ken Chu

We were asked to be apart of a project that would involve a music video featuring a song from a famous Taiwanese singer named Ken Chu. He is also a member of the Taiwanese boy band F4. This would be the latest music video from Ken Chu and we were excited to get started.

The video would be set in three different locations in the United Kingdom, with us being based in Brighton. The music video would be based mainly on the famous Brighton beach and pier, filming aerial shots. It was the first time we visited Brighton, seeing the famous landmarks and getting the feel and atmosphere of the place.

To film on the beach required us to get permission from the council. This proved quite difficult, especially as we were aiming to use drones to fly above the sea front and pier. Luckily we had help from the local fixer and we managed to get the permission we needed to film.

The equipment we used to film were the GH4 Panasonic and DJI S900.

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