University of Surrey

The Marketing Department from the University of Surrey approached us with an idea for a video. It would be to showcase the university’s impressive building’s and scenery.

The university is based in Guilford, Surrey. The main areas the university specialises in are; science, engineering, medicine and business. It is recognised as one of the leading universities in the United Kingdom and has been in the top 10 on a consistent basis, coming as high as 4th place.

‘We need something thats shows the world why we are the best.’ This was the main aspect of the project and we were like always up for the challenge. The scenery and buildings was definitely something to admire. This motivated and excited us to get started as we knew we would be able to film some truly beautiful shots. From the buildings to the lovely greenery, we could see why this university was ranked so highly.

To make matters even better, we filmed on an open day, giving us an opportunity to not only film the surroundings, but groups of people and students. This helped really capture the university lifestyle with lots of students socialising and exploring the whole of the campus.

We filmed using the DJI S900 Drone and Panasonic GH4.

Below are some examples of videos made by the Marketing Team of the University including the Aerial Footage we captured:

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