EE White City

  • Salt TV and EE

One of our clients, Salt TV was working on a new campaign for the telephone company EE. The main subject of the campaign is a new connectivity product recently launched by EE that offer ubiquitous connectivity, such as remote locations or temporary locations.

The team from SaltTV came up with the brilliant idea of using a popup bar to tell a story around this new revolutionary product. The PopUp bar was located in the Multi-storey Car Park of the old BBC Television CentreĀ in White City.

The great majority of the buildings around the area were in process of being demolished and for the Summer 2015 a PopUp bar appeared on the rooftop of the multi-storey. It was truly an incredible urban/hipster experience!

We used a Phantom 2 to provide an opening shot for the campaign, multiple overviews of the locations and we even became part of the campaign in which our pilot was filmed while at work to be included in the campaign itself.

The location was quite challenging considering the busy location in Central London, but we managed to put together a flight plan (with a safe area of operation) that was complying with the strict CAA regulation.

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