Windsor Park Hall

  • Windsor Park Hall

The opportunity came along for us to film Windsor Park Hall, estimated to be worth £35,000,000.

The main aim was to capture shots of the mansion, the land surrounding it and the family too. The mansion was impressive and boasted a huge seven acres of land. It featured eight bedrooms, an indoor leisure complex, helipad and tennis court.

Using a Copter with a GoPro 3 we recorded a birds eye view of the property, that really showed off the size of the building and garden. We then filmed the entrance of the mansion that included the well designed pond and trees leading to the front of the mansion. We then used a tracking shot with the drone from one side to the other, which really captured the details of the mansion.

We finished the day off with having the family in shot in the back garden, waving to camera. This was a nice way to complete the filming day.

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